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Parts Replacement Services / 有關補件申請

In case you want to get replacements, please provide the following information to

1. The Part# (e.g. 00-xxx-yyy) on the manual 
2. Whether the case is damage/missing upon assembly or additional parts request
3. Your full address for postal.
4. In case if any charges required (as replied by our customer services), send the payment to via PayPal

We will try our best to send the replacement parts. But if the parts is not in stock, we need to wait until reproduction. Please be patient. 


1. 版件編號: (例:00-xxx-yyy) 一般如說明書第二/三頁
2. 請指示有關申請是由於品質問題(如注射不全,久件等等) 或個人理由申請
3. 有關郵政地址
4. 如我們客戶服務定為要求付款,有關付款要到PayPal 戶口 (